4 Easy Steps to get a Cash Loan

Apply for loan

Let us know more about you. Fill up the online application form in 5 minutes.

Expect for approval

Receive loan confirmation via SMS or Push notification within 24 hours.

Receive your money

Once approved, you will receive the money in your bank account within 24 hours.

Make repayment

Pay back via bank transfer.

Who are eligible to apply?


all over India


21-60 years old

Credit information

Personal information and Aadhaar information

Why us?

Fast approval

Get the money within the next banking day.


Follow a few instructions, application can be done in 5 mins.

No hidden fees

Fees and terms are presented, you may calculate before you apply.


We respect your personal data and we keep them confidential.


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9am-6pm (Monday to Friday) and CLOSED on public holidays